Men's Committee Members

Brijinder Singh


Kuldeep Singh Sandhu


G. Balachandran

Hon. Treasurer

Atul Laul

G. C. Member

Hemesh Patel

G. C. Member

Kiran Korgaokar

G. C. Member

Rahul Nigam

G. C. Member

Stephen Ambrose

G. C. Member

Shashank Sandu

G. C. Member

Subhash Ramchandran

G. C. Member

Vikas Manohar Arora

G. C. Member

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Dr.Choitram Gidwani Road,
Chembur, Bombay 400074

The BPGC is the most prestigious golf club in Mumbai & in 2009 underwent extensive redesign & modifications to the course. It’s a very demanding course & has a large member community that is largely focused on golf.